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Bank Statement Loans | North Dakota

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Stand-Alone Second Mortgage

A Stand-Alone Second Mortgage, also known as a second lien mortgage, enables borrowers to unlock equity while retaining their current first lien mortgage and low

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Non-Prime Bank Statement Loan

Primary Borrower – Self-Employed Home Loan Bank Statement Loans are ideal for self-employed borrowers, defined as those with at least

Bank Statement Super Jumbo Loan

Non-Prime Super Jumbo Bank Statement Loan – 600 Credit Score Personal or Business Bank Account Statements (comingle OK) Forms 4506-T

Bank Statement Mortgage to $10,000,000

Jumbo and Super Jumbo Bank Statement Mortgage $10,000,000 10-year Interest-Only Period available on fixed rates (30-year & 40-year). Self-Employed Home

Non-QM Super Jumbo Alt Doc

Jumbo Bank Statement Program – 620 Credit Score Now you can use your 1099(s) for to qualify (sole proprietor) as

Non-Qualified Mortgage Jumbo 55% DTI

This loan program is designed for home-buyers (purchase transaction) and home-owners (refinance transaction) that do not want to provide (Form

Bank Statements Jumbo Mortgage

Published: 07 January 2021 /// Created: 07 January 2021* Last Updated: 13 January 2024 3 Months Business Bank Statements or

6 Month Bank Statement Mortgage Loan

Alternative Income Documentation Self-Employed & Commission Business Professionals This 6 Month Super Jumbo Bank Statement Non-Qualified Mortgage (non-qualified-mortgages) (Non-QM) loan

Non-QM Jumbo Lender

Non-Qualified Mortgages and Non-QM Mortgage Brokers In an ever-evolving Non-Qualified mortgage market, We continue to expand our products and guidelines

Second Mortgage Bank Statement Loan

Second Mortgage Bank Statement Mortgage Program This program is ideal for the borrower that wants to protect their low-interest rate