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Portfolio Mortgages

Portfolio lenders cater to a diverse clientele including self-employed borrowers, investors, and business professionals, offering expertise in navigating complex income situations, particularly with Complex Tax Returns.

Asset Utilization is a key feature, leveraging substantial liquid assets to meet DTI requirements. Additionally, Boarder income, Alimony, and Child Support are factored into income, while gifts funds are permissible.

Regarding Employment Requirements, self-employed individuals, including those recently self-employed, and recent job/income changes are accommodated.

Investor Highlights encompass considerations for Listed Properties, allowing exclusions from DTI calculations under specific conditions. Moreover, entities like LLCs, Trusts, Partnerships, and Sub S Corporations can hold title, and Non-Resident Alien loans are available up to 75% LTV.

RSU and Stock Option Income are evaluated based on a 12-month history and 2-year continuance, with allowances for exceptions and recent employer changes. Business funds are accepted for down payments and reserves, and there’s no 30% equity rule for rental income.

Employment Requirements:

Self-Employed borrowers, recently self-employed considered. Recent job/income change can be considered

Portfolio Highlights:

Listed Properties: Properties listed for sale may be eliminated from DTI calculations when certain criteria are met

Vesting Title in Entities– LLC’s, Trusts, Partnerships & Sub S Corporations can hold title

RSU and Stock Option Income- 12 month history and 2 year continuance; exceptions and recent employer changes considered

Business Funds for Down Payment & Reserves

No 30% equity rule for rental income

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