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Portfolio Mortgages

Portfolio Lenders cater to a diverse clientele including self-employed borrowers, investors, and business professionals, offering expertise in navigating complex income situations and complex tax returns.

Asset Utilization

Portfolio lender like asset-based programs and is a key feature, leveraging substantial liquid assets to meet DTI requirements. Additionally, Boarder income, Alimony, and Child Support are factored into income, while gifts funds are permissible.

Investor Highlights encompass considerations for Listed Properties, allowing exclusions from DTI calculations under specific conditions. Moreover, entities like LLCs, Trusts, Partnerships, and Sub S Corporations can hold title, and Non-Resident Alien loans are available up to 75% LTV.

Self-Employment Requirements:

Regarding Employment Requirements, self-employed individuals, including those recently self-employed, and recent job/income changes are accommodated. To be considered self-employed, you must own a minimum of 25% of the company. 

Portfolio Highlights:

RSU and Stock Option Income are evaluated based on a 12-month history and 2-year continuance, with allowances for exceptions and recent employer changes. Business funds are accepted for down payments and reserves, and there’s no 30% equity rule for rental income.

Listed Properties: Properties listed for sale may be eliminated from DTI calculations when certain criteria are met.

Vesting Title in Entities– LLC’s, Trusts, Partnerships & Sub S Corporations can hold title.

RSU and Stock Option Income- 12-month history and 2-year continuance; exceptions and recent employer changes considered

Business Funds for Down Payment & Reserves

No 30% equity rule for rental income

Portfolio Mortgage Lenders

Portfolio Lender Home Loans A portfolio mortgage lender offers customizable financing solutions that set it apart from conventional lenders. With in-house underwriting processes, loan approvals

Non-QM Super Jumbo Alt Doc

Jumbo Bank Statement Program – 620 Credit Score Now you can use your 1099(s) for to qualify (sole proprietor) as additional income/”ability to repay” Self-Employed

90% LTV – ITIN Investors

Foreign Nationals are buying properties now more than ever which means good & effective Buying Power for the foreign national and also more and more