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Income Documentation Programs Self-Employed | Investors | & W2

No Doc, No Ratio, Asset Depletion, Bank Statements. P&L Only, 1099 Only, Stated Income (employment / Income blank) available to include Business Purpose Owner-Occupied Primary Residence. Alt Doc Mortgages programs that offer a flexible solution for individuals seeking loans without traditional income verification methods. With this program, applicants can qualify based solely on their bank statements, specifically focusing on income deposits over a 3-24-month period. This approach is particularly advantageous for self-employed borrowers or those with irregular income streams who may not have conventional pay stubs or tax returns to present. By considering 100% of income deposits reflected in the bank statements, this program provides a streamlined path to mortgage approval, bypassing the need for extensive documentation and simplifying the application process for eligible borrowers.

Exception-Based Non-Prime Loan

Loan Purpose: Purchase, Rate/Term Refinance, Cash Out Refinance Maximum Loan Amount: $4,000,000. Maximum Cash Out: $2,000,000 Specialized lender leads the way in the Non-Prime niche mortgage lending space with over

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Non-QM | Non-Prime Loan Programs

Non-Prime Mortgage Lender Programs and Highlights Independent contractor mortgage borrowers can now use their 1099 forms to qualify as additional income, demonstrating their ability to repay. This is particularly beneficial

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Non-QM – Stated Expense Ratio

Alternative Bank Statement Income | Non-QM Mortgage Broker * Other Alt Doc, Reduced Doc, and Lite Doc Options Available -1099 Only -Investor Cash Flow DSCR -Asset Qualifier -Asset Distribution *

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Non-QM Portfolio Lender Loan Programs

Non-Qualified Mortgage Lender Serving California Business Owners Non-Qm lender offering Non-QM loan programs to California self-employed borrowers. California business owners need flexible non-qualified underwriter guidelines with favorable pricing, reasonable terms,

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Debt Service Coverage Ratio Program

Business Purpose Investor Loan Programs Loan programs for home buyers and homeowners looking to refinance, rate/Term and Cash Out their Single-Family Residence, Condo or Multi-Unit including Investors. Debt Service Coverage

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12 Month Bridge Loan

12 Month Bridge Program Lending Partner with the Flexibility to Deliver Results 12 Month Bridge Loan allows Borrowers Access to the Equity in their Property Before it is Sold. Occupancies:

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90% LTV – ITIN Investors

Foreign Nationals are buying properties now more than ever which means good & effective Buying Power for the foreign national and also more and more experience for us with the

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Reduced Doc – 1 Year Employment

1099 Only Lite Doc Income Documentation Bank Statement Loan | 660 Credit Score – 90% LTV to $1,500,000 Minimum Credit Scores: Portfolio Non-QM Lender Guidelines & Highlights Simplifying Non-QM Underwriting

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DSCR .75% Jumbo Mortgage

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loan Program Guidelines and Requirements Experienced Real Estate Investors – 25 Financed Properties – OK Most investor loan programs will max the borrower/investor at 10 financed

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Condo Mortgage 90% LTV Jumbo

Condo Mortgage Program 90% LTV to $2,500,000 Purpose: Purchase, Refinance Cash Out 90% LTV – $2,000,000 – 700 Credit Score 90% LTV – $1,500,000 – 680 Credit Score 90% LTV

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Stand-Alone Second Mortgage

Second Mortgage Bank Statement Loan Loan Purpose: Purpose: Second Mortgage/ Cash Out/ Debt Consolidation (cash out can be used to meet reserve requirement) Alternative Self-Employed Income Documentation: * 12 Months

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Asset Depletion Program

Asset Depletion Income Program to 90% LTV Our asset depletion programs can also qualify your business as well as your personal bank (100% gross deposits) accounts on either a 6-month,

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6 Month Bank Statement Mortgage Loan

Alternative Income Documentation Self-Employed & Commission Business Professionals This 6 Month Super Jumbo Bank Statement Non-Qualified Mortgage (non-qualified-mortgages) (Non-QM) loan program is for all residential property types and occupancy types

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Non-QM Interest-Only Jumbo Program

Interest-Only Non-QM Jumbo Mortgage Product Interest Only – $2,000,000 Eligible Transactions: Purchase; Refinance – Rate/Term; Refinance – Cash Out Non-QM Mortgage Loans /”Interest-Only” Payment Option Single Family Residence – Owner-Occupied

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Non-QM Low Doc Jumbo

Non-Qualified Mortgage Jumbo Programs This Non-QM mortgage product is from a Portfolio lender and is unique unseasoned employment and super jumbo loan amounts. Non-QM Income Documentation for Self-Employed Borrowers and

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