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Unconventional Mortgage Lenders

Unconventional mortgage lenders offer several benefits that can be advantageous to borrowers seeking alternative financing solutions or the best pricing and conditions the industry has to offer.

Review loan programs in detail, research top lenders, and utilize one of the nation’s top unconventional QM and Non-QM Mortgage lenders in the US.

Product and Industry Experience – Service Leverage

Product: Our Unconventional Lender Network provides product and service leverage; communication platforms to include brokers makes it easy for us to shop your loan scenario (before checking credit). We leverage our wholesale lender relationships, and in addition to meet our over all objective, you benifit from 100’s of years of mortgage loan origination industry experience.

Your business is valuable and should receive the best service (pricing, poduct conditions, terms, turn times, etc.) available, naturally. Our unconventional mortgage service is done on the front-end, before a full application (Form 1003 Residenatial Loan Application) and credit credit and is driven by communication platforms to include wholesale lenders, Lender Representative, Broker Representatives, qualified and pre-screened Loan Officers (bank and broker), Broker Service Representatives (BSR) brokers your loan scenario, not your name or contact info. We’re not in the business to sell your information. We are here to earn your business. involved starting with you.

Broker/ Wholesale Lender Network

5th Street Capital, ACC Mortgage, Acra Lending, AD Mortgage, Advancial Mortgage, American Financial, American Home Loans Wholesale, Ameris Bank (lender portal only), AmWest MortgageAngel Oak Mortgage Solutions, Arc Home, Archway Capital, AXOS Bank Home Loans, Bay Mountain, Capital, Better Loans and Realty, BluePoint Mortgage, Broker First, Capital Alliance, Capital Lending Financial, Capstone Financial, Cardinal Financial, Carrington Wholesale, CBC Credit, Union, Champions Funding, Change Wholesale, Civic Financial Services, Clear Edge Lending, CMG Financial, Deephaven, EPM, Equity Wave Lending, Fairway Independent Corp Whole Lending, First National Bank of America, Flagstar Bank, Flanagan State Bank, FLC Bank, Florida Capital Bank Mortgage, Forward Lending, Freedom Mortgage Wholesale, Mortgage Yes, Freedom Mortgage Corporation, Fremont Bank, Fund Loans, GreenBox Loans, Home Xpress, HomeBridge Wholesale, Hometown Equity Mortgage, Jet Mortgage, JMAC Lending, Kind Lending, Land Home Financial Services, Lending Pros, Lendsure, Lima One, LoanStream, Logan, Luther Burbank, Luxury Mortgage Corp, Maggio Capital, Mega Capital, Michigan Mutual, Mr. Cooper, Mutual of Omaha (Forward), Nations Direct Mortgage, New Fi Wholesale, NexBank, North Coast Financial, Oaktree Wholesale Funding Corp, Orion Lending, Pacific Residential, Park Place Finance, PB Financial Group, PennyMac, Plaza Home Mortgage, PowerTPO, PRMG, Provident Bank Mortgage, Provident Funding, Quick Fast Capital, Quontic Bank Wholesale, Quorum, RCN Capital, Redstone Funding, LLC, REMN, Residential Acceptance Corporation, Seattle Funding Group, Sierra Pacific Mortgage, Socotra Capital, Solve Mortgage, SpringEQ, STG, Stone Crest Financial, Sunset Equity, Sunwest Mortgage Company, SwiftSure, Symmetry Lending, Talimar Financial, The Lender, The Loan Store, Temple View, UFFWest, Unified Reliance Wholesale, Unite Mortgage, United Ag, United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), Val-Chris Investments, Visio Lending, Windsor Mortgage.

Our Unconventional Lender Network provides access to nontraditional lenders, Non-QM lenders, loan products, and niche loan programs. We have solutions for borrowers that do not fit the traditional income documentation guidelines with our 1099 Only options for 2024 to help qualify more borrowers.

All Non-Qualified lenders cater to the self-employed borrowers.  borrowers with complicated tax returns, i.e., Self-Employed borrowers, Business Executives, entrepreneurs. We have Non-QM lenders, Non-Prime lenders, Portfolio lenders, Foreign National lenders, and Investor program lenders.

Unconventional/ Non-Qualified Lenders

95% LTV jumbo no mortgage insurance purchase at 660 FICO and cash out 24-hour turn times in underwriting with no overlays, manufactured homes, W2 only programs with no traditional guideline overlays on gift funds. Equity qualifying, and Profit and Loss (P&L) programs.

Non-QM includes 12 and 24 personal or business bank statements using up to 100% of deposits as income, interest only including 40-year amortization with 10-year interest-only. Then re-cast, 30-yr amortization. Non warrantable condominiums with no investor concentration, one year out of bankruptcy and short sale two, years out of foreclosure. A product for a seasoned real estate investor owning up to twenty investment properties.

Non-Prime Reduced Doc Self-Employed

Borrower reduced income, nontraditional methods 12 months personal and or business bank account statements, P&L Only. Alternative income and employment documentation programs, the lender will require a signed 4506-C, only executed should the loan go into default. Non-Prime, No Doc, Lite Doc, Reduced Doc, Bank Statement Lenders, 1099 Only option programs designed for borrowers who receive one or more 1099 ‘s per year is allowed and furthermore can be combined with other types of alternative and full doc income. Form 1040 Only, and One Year Tax Returns, etc.

Portfolio Product Personalized

What’s good about Portfolio lenders is they always offer their own special and or unique product, as the investor. It is inhouse underwriting on their own money. So, outside investor signature not required before closing docs are orders or at any time through, approval to fund.

A Portfolio lender can provide borrowers with greater opportunity to open up their expectations, and opening doors to greater loans amounts and larger projects for more revenue and more profit, moving forward as we continue to retain loyal borrowers and repeat business with our borrowers (you).

Flexible Eligibility Criteria

In contrast to traditional lending, unconventional mortgage lenders often have more flexible eligibility criteria. They may consider factors beyond just credit score and income, such as employment history, assets, and unique financial situations. Because they can.

Self-Employed Income

Non-Traditional income sources can be accepted: Moreover, unconventional lenders are typically more willing to accept income from non-traditional sources, such as self-employment, freelancing 1099/Independent Contractors), investment income (Day Trader), or rental income (Property Managers). This opens up borrowing opportunities for individuals with diverse income streams are happy.

Specialized Loan Programs

Additionally, unconventional mortgage lenders often offer specialized loan programs tailored to specific borrower needs. These may include options for self-employed individuals, foreign nationals, real estate investors, or those with non-standard financial profiles.

Quick Approval Process and Fast Funding

Furthermore, unconventional Construction Loan lenders may offer faster approval processes compared to traditional banks or mortgage lenders. Their streamlined procedures and willingness to consider alternative factors can lead to quicker loan decisions and funding.

Creative Financing Solutions

Unconventional lenders are more likely to offer creative financing solutions that traditional lenders may not provide. These can include interest-only loans, adjustable-rate mortgages, bridge loans, or alternative down payment options.

Accessibility for Unique Properties

Moreover, aggressive lenders are often more inclined to finance unique properties that traditional lenders will hesitate to fund or even just not even consider. These programs can apply to vacation homes, investment properties (Owner-Occupied (primary) and non-owner (investment) Occupied, commercial, mixed-use commercial buildings, and properties in need of renovation.

Agency Fall-Out Accommodations

Near Prime “near miss” (non-Agency) options as well as Near Prime Jumbo and Super Jumbo loans, all backed by responsible underwriting and thorough due diligence processes. With in-house operations, we ensure swift closings for our clients.

Investors | DSCR – 580 Credit Score

Real Estate Investor Debt-Service-Coverage Ratio (DSCR) programs with alternative income documentation and employment history like the No Doc loans, etc.

Correspondent Lender Programs

The built-in advantage of working with a correspondent channel is underwriting turn time. Same day all day. For favorable pricing and superior service, we have in-house Correspondent Lenders with exceptional turn times. Conforming loans (minimal to no guideline overlays with 60% DTI and reserves waivers) to Portfolio Qualified Mortgage lenders that offer a-paper.

QM and Non-QM Asset Depletion Loans

Lenders who allow for Asset Depletion supplement income to qualify for a loan or a better, more favorable loan. Multiple qualifying methods for borrowers who have assets and revenue/income: Asset Depletion converts borrower’s assets to income. Assets must cover loan amount, down payment, reserves, and 5 years of current monthly obligations.

Non-Prime Lenders & Loans

Underwriting Guideline exceptions and requirements are based on credit scores, Debt to Income ratio, equity position/loan to value ratio, occupancy, property type, and various variables and loan characteristics such as “credit event” seasoning.

Mortgage Pre-Qualification Form – No Credit Check

We Service the Following States:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Jumbo Bank Statement Alt Doc – 640 FICO

Prime and Non-Prime Bank Statement Options Self-Employed Borrowers: Portfolio Direct Lender is a direct lender with their own portfolio of loan products and programs, and

Bank Statements Jumbo Mortgage

Published: 07 January 2021 /// Created: 07 January 2021* Last Updated: 13 January 2024 3 Months Business Bank Statements or 3 Months Personal Bank Statements

Investor DSCR Mortgage Program

The Real Estate Investor Program offers flexible income documentation options, including Full Doc or DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) Purpose: Purchase or cash out refinance

Super Jumbo DSCR $4,500,000

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) continues to be popular with real estate investors. Below are guidelines using Long- and Short-Term Rental Income. We can use

DSCR Super Jumbo to $5,000,000 Cash Out

Qualifying for a mortgage on an investment property can be tricky, particularly if you own multiple properties. The DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) option makes

DSCR Loans

“DSCR” stands for Debt Service Coverage Ratio, a critical metric in assessing the ability of a borrower to cover their debt obligations with their income. In the context of a niche loan program, here’s a summary: For clients with a strong credit history, the program offers up to 80% Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio, requiring a minimum FICO score of 740 and providing a maximum loan amount of $3.5 million. This tier is suitable for borrowers seeking substantial financing while maintaining excellent credit standings. Additionally, the program offers another tier featuring a 55% DTI ratio, targeting borrowers with a minimum FICO score of 660. This tier is designed to accommodate various scenarios including purchases, rate and term refinancing, and cash-out refinancing. It allows borrowers with slightly lower credit scores to access financing options while still offering competitive terms.

One-Year History Verification | VOE

1099 Only Lite Doc Income Documentation Bank Statement Loan | 660 Credit Score – 90% LTV to $1,500,000 Minimum Credit Scores: Portfolio Non-QM Lender Guidelines

Investment Cash Out Loans

Investment Property Cash Out Refinance Add Your Heading Text Here Purchase Loans – Alt Doc Refinance Loans – Alt Doc Credit Score Tools One Month

Investment Property – Refinance Loans

Investment Refinance Loans – Guidelines and Highlights. Below is a list of some of our Refinance “Investment Property” loan programs.

Let us know if you have any questions. Call Customer Service 800-718-8906 to speak with a Mortgage Expert or fill out a Pre Qualification form.

Investment ((Alt Doc)) Refinance Loans

Explore our array of Alt Doc Multi-Unit Refinance loan options tailored for real estate investors. For inquiries, reach out to our Customer Service team at 800-718-8906 to connect with a Mortgage Expert. Alternatively, you can access our Pre-Qualification Form above, ensuring a hassle-free process with no credit check required.

Investment Property Loans – ALT D0C

Alternative income and employment documentation investment property purchase loans for both owner-occupied and non-owner occupied for to see, research, and utilize. Call customer Service @ 800-718-8906 or see our Pre-Qualification Form – No Credit Check form above.

Super Jumbo Construction Loans

Super Jumbo Construction Loans – Guidelines and Highlights. Below is a list of some of our “Super Jumbo” Construction loan programs.
Let us know if you have any questions by calling Customer Service 800-718-8906 to speak to a Mortgage Expert or see our a Pre Qualification form – No Crerdit Check Form above.

Multi Unit Property Loans Purchase Loans

Multi Unit Property Loans – Guidelines and Highlights. Below is a list of some of our “Multi Unit” loan programs for both Owner Occupied and Non Owner Occupied borrowers. Let us know if you have any questions. Do not try to pre qualify yourself; call Customer Service 800-718-8906 and speak with a Mortgage Expert or fill out a Pre Qualification form.

These programs are for the multi-unit property investors.

Super Jumbo DSCR to $4,000,000

Our DSCR cash flow loan offers borrowers an interest-only option to qualify using the interest-only payment plus escrows. This is just another benefit of this

Hard Money Loan Asset Based Program

This program is an asset-based lender Stated Income / No Doc Currently in foreclosure OK Currently in bankruptcy or past bankruptcies OK In probate OK

Investment Property Loans

Guidelines and Highlights: Below is a list of some of our “Investment Property” loan programs.

Let us know if you have any questions. Discover your pre-qualification status with us.
Speak to a licensed Loan Officer: 800-718-8906. Pre Qualification form (no credit check).

Investment Purchase Loans

Investment Property Purchase Loans – Guidelines and Highlights. Below is a list of some of our “Investment Property” Purchase loan programs. Questions? 800-718-8906 to get in touch with a Mortgage Expert for additional informstion or see our Pre Qualification form – No Credit Check.

Stand-Alone Second Mortgage

A Stand-Alone Second Mortgage, also known as a second lien mortgage, enables borrowers to unlock equity while retaining their current first lien mortgage and low

All Loan Programs

All Loan Programs Contact a Loan Officer Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Name *Email *PhoneYour Message: Submit

Self-Employed Borrower Mortgages

Self-employed individuals seeking mortgages often encounter challenges in verifying their employment status. However, various Verification of Employment (VOE) documentation option programs exist to address this issue. These programs offer tailored solutions for self-employed borrowers. Self-employed borrowers, with their Mortgage Loan Officer can navigate the mortgage approval process more smoothly and access financing options that align with their unique employment circumstances.

Tax Returns Not Required

Self-employed borrowers often face unique challenges when it comes to providing tax returns for loan applications. Traditional lenders typically require tax returns to verify income and assess the borrower’s financial stability. However, self-employed individuals may encounter complexities due to fluctuations in income, deductions, and business expenses. Non-Qualified mortgage lenders offer specialized loan programs that cater to self-employed borrowers, considering alternative forms of income verification. Working with knowledgeable lenders can help self-employed individuals navigate the loan process more effectively while meeting the necessary tax return requirements.

Rehab Loans

Rehab loans are frequently utilized by our Fix-n-flip investor clients, catering to their unique needs in real estate ventures. Our focus extends beyond conventional options, as we specialize in providing unconventional rehab mortgages and loans. Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to the fix-and-flip market, our services are designed to support and guide you through the intricacies of securing the right rehab financing for your projects.

Real Estate Investor Loans

Real estate investors, discover your pre-qualification options and unlock your potential for success. At our firm, we thrive when you succeed, and we’re committed to helping you find the financing solutions that match your investment goals.

Non-Warrantable Condos

In the realm of mortgage lending, a “non-warrantable” condominium denotes a property that does not meet the criteria for Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac purchase. Consequently, mortgages associated with such properties cannot be sold to these entities. Therefore, if you intend to acquire a non-warrantable condo, you’ll require the assistance of an unconventional lender or loan program that specializes in these types of properties.

Portfolio Mortgage Lenders

Portfolio Mortgage Lenders A portfolio mortgage lender offers customizable financing solutions that set it apart from conventional lenders. With in-house underwriting processes, loan approvals rarely

3 Month Bank Statement Program

3 Month Bank Statement – 2023 Uniquely designed for Self-Employed borrowers are ideal when the borrower has experienced an exceptional previous 3 months, for example.

Bank Statement Alt Doc – 3 Months

3 Months Business Bank Statements or 3 Months Personal Bank Statements Our 3 Month Program is the alternative to 6-month, 12-month and 24-month programs. We

California Hard Money Jumbo – 80% LTV

Jumbos and Super Jumbos – Cash-Out – 600 Credit Score Second Mortgages also Available. Private Money Lender, southern California based with LTVs up to 80%

Exception-Based Non-Prime Loan

Loan Purpose: Purchase, Rate/Term Refinance, Cash Out Refinance Maximum Loan Amount: $4,000,000. Maximum Cash Out: $2,000,000 Specialized lender leads the way in the Non-Prime niche

Bank Statement Loan to 75% LTV 620 Credit Score

Six Alternative Income Verification Options Non-QM loan program uses bank statements In lieu of Traditional Income Documentation to determine a borrower’s Ability-to-Repay. Agency – government

Non-QM Bank Statement Loan Program

Prime and Non-Prime Bank Statement Options – Self-Employed Borrowers Portfolio Direct Lender is a direct lender with their own portfolio of loan products and programs,

Non-QM Super Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Non-QM Alt Doc Bank Statement Loans to $15,000,000 Now you can use your 1099(s) for to qualify as additional income/”ability to repay” Non-QM loans are

Non-Prime True No Doc Mortgage Program

Income Documentation is N/A – No Ratio. Debt-to-income Ratio – N/A Equity Driven Product * Reserves – 6 Months (not including Cash Out Refinance) *

Non-QM | Non-Prime Loan Programs

Non-Prime Mortgage Lender Programs and Highlights Independent contractor mortgage borrowers can now use their 1099 forms to qualify as additional income, demonstrating their ability to

Asset Qualifier

Portfolio Mortgage Asset-based Income Documentation | Asset Based Lending * Debt-to-Income DTI (expense ratio) up to 55% Now you can use your 1099(s) for to

Non-QM Lender – California

Non-QM Mortgage Broker Non-QM lender offering Non-QM loan programs to California self-employed borrowers. California business owners need flexible non-qualified underwriter guidelines with favorable pricing, reasonable

Bank Statement Loan for Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investor Loan Program Designed for real estate investors, this Bank Statement loan can qualify investor income and self-employment income in different or multiple

Non-QM – Stated Expense Ratio

Alternative Bank Statement Income | Non-QM Mortgage Broker * Other Alt Doc, Reduced Doc, and Lite Doc Options Available -1099 Only -Investor Cash Flow DSCR

Non-QM Portfolio Lender Loan Programs

Non-Qualified Mortgage Lender Serving California Business Owners Non-Qm lender offering Non-QM loan programs to California self-employed borrowers. California business owners need flexible non-qualified underwriter guidelines

Fix and Flip Program

Hard Money Loan Program Guideline Overview Property Types: * SFR (Single Family Residence) * 1-2 Units * 2-4 Units Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratios: * 80% LTP

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Program

Business Purpose Investor Loan Programs Loan programs for home buyers and homeowners looking to refinance, rate/Term and Cash Out their Single-Family Residence, Condo or Multi-Unit

Non-QM Jumbo Lender

Non-Qualified Mortgages and Non-QM Mortgage Brokers We continue to make many positive changes to our products and guidelines on a regular basis – many times

Super Jumbo Investor – 30 million

Super Jumbo Loan Amounts to $30,000,000 Non-Prime/ Manual Underwrite Super Jumbo Common Sense Manual Underwriting and in-house decisions. Final decision with second signature requirement. Refinance

Bank Statement Loans – 2023

Bank Statements for all Self-Employed Borrowers ** April 2023 Updates * Purchase, Rate/Term, and Cash Out to $12,000,000 Key Benefits Bank Statement Mortgages: * Personal

Bank Statement Income | Alt Doc

Bank Statement Income Loan programs that utilize bank statements do not require form 4506-t to be processed at anytime throughout the escrow process or post-closing.

Non-QM Lenders and Loans

Bank Statement Program – 2024 This Bank Statement mortgage is designed for self-employed borrowers. You benefit from a simplified qualifying method with income based on

12 Month Bridge Loan

12 Month Bridge Program Lending Partner with the Flexibility to Deliver Results 12 Month Bridge Loan allows Borrowers Access to the Equity in their Property

Non-Prime True No Doc Loan Program

Non-Prime – No Income and No Employment DTI up to 60% (back-end dti) – total monthly payment sum divided by your total monthly payments (as

90% LTV – ITIN Investors

Foreign Nationals are buying properties now more than ever which means good & effective Buying Power for the foreign national and also more and more

6 Month Bank Statement Mortgage Programs

Six Month Bank Statement Loan – 660 Credit Score Designed for investors, this Bank Statement Loan program is ideal for borrowers that have experienced significant growth in

Super Jumbo Investor Loan

Super Jumbo Real Estate Investor Loan Program to $5,000,000 This investor program was created for seasoned professional Business Purpose Real Estate Investors for most property

DSCR .75% Jumbo Mortgage

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loan Program Guidelines and Requirements Experienced Real Estate Investors – 25 Financed Properties – OK Most investor loan programs will max

Bank Statement Mortgage to $10,000,000

Jumbo and Super Jumbo Bank Statement Mortgage $10,000,000 10-year Interest-Only Period available on fixed rates (30-year & 40-year). Self-Employed Home Loan: Alternative Income Documentation Available

12 Month Bank Statement and VOE Alt Doc

Self-Employed Home Loan | 12 Months Bank Statements – 90% LTV – 700 Credit Score Self-employed borrowers can qualify for an extensive line of alt

Condo Mortgage 90% LTV Jumbo

Condo Mortgage Program 90% LTV to $2,500,000 Purpose: Purchase, Refinance Cash Out 90% LTV – $2,000,000 – 700 Credit Score 90% LTV – $1,500,000 –

After Repair Value Purchase Loan (ARV)

After Repair Value Loan Explained An “After Repair Value” (ARV) construction loan is designed to provide financing for real estate investors looking to purchase and

Bank Statement Calculation Mortgage Lenders

How is Bank Statement Income Calculated? Total deposits, less business expense ratio, annualized, multiplied by the % of ownershipStandard 50/50 deposit to expense ratio is

No Ratio Investor Loan Jumbo

DSRC Investor Loan Program Jumbo and Super Jumbo to $2,500,000 and Super Jumbo to $5,000,000 Purchase & Rate/Term Refinance: Credit Score | LTV | Loan

Stand-Alone Second Mortgage

Second Mortgage Bank Statement Mortgage Loan Loan Purpose: Purpose: Second Mortgage/ Cash Out/ Debt Consolidation (cash out can be used to meet reserve requirement) Eligible

Non-Prime Lite Doc and/ or Reduced Doc

Lite Doc – Previous 12 Months Income Documentation: * As an alternative to the standard two years of income documentation, you have two options: either

Non-Prime Jumbo 95% LTV

$10,000,000 Super Jumbo Alt Doc > $10,000,000 Case-by-Case Basis Self-Employed Income * Documentation: Bank Statements from 600+ FICO to 90% LTV Full Income Documentation to 90%

One Year Tax Returns to 90% LTV

Reduced Doc | 12 Months Reduced Income Documentation and Reduced Employment Verification Documentation We can help new business owners or self-employed borrowers who experienced a

Second Mortgage Bank Statement Loan

Second Mortgage Bank Statement Mortgage Program This program is ideal for the borrower that wants to protect their low-interest rate first mortgage and would prefer

Non-Prime Mortgages

Niche Loan Non-Prime Mortgage Bank Statement Loan – Purchase or Refinance Loan | Super Jumbo Bank Statements (12 or 24 months) or traditional Full Doc

Business Purpose Mortgage Loans

Business Purpose Loans This “business purpose” loan is a primary residence stated income mortgage program. It is a type of “stated income program” (stated income/

Hard Money Loans

Our mission is to help individuals, investors, builders, developers, foreign nationals, and all legal entities including foreign legal entities obtain alternative real estate financing options

Private Money 70% LTV

Soft Money Mortgage Program Exceptions made to 75% LTV for particular counties in the state of California. This means that the pricing is less than

Hard Money 5-Million Owner Occupied

This hard money lender will do primary residential loans which are somewhat rare. Similar to a Business Purpose Mortgage Loan Purpose: Purchase, Refinance, and Rate

Jumbo Hard Money to 3-Million 80% LTV

High LTV Hard Money Jumbo Loan This hard money loan program can be applied to a variety of loan types including Fix and Flip, Blanket

Inherited Property Loan Program

Inherited Property Financing 80% Loan-to-Value This loan program is for people that have lost a family member and would like to keep the home. This

Second Mortgage $350,000

Jumbo Second Mortgage Alt Doc – Form 4506-T Not Required 80% LTV 2nd mortgage to $350,000 Alt-Doc for Self-Employed Borrowers and Full Doc for everyone.

Vesting Title in Legal Entities

This Loan Program is for Corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships. This gives the “borrower” the option to vest the title of their property into a trust, corporation,

Hard Money Super Jumbo Florida

Hard Money Super Jumbo Mortgage program Super Jumbo Loan Amounts: $5,000,000 and up to $10,000,000 on a case-by-case basis. Eligible Transactions Eligible for a variety

Cash Out – Real Estate Investor Bank Statement Loan

Unique Real Estate Investor Loan Program real-estate-investor-cash-out/Designed for real estate investors, this Bank Statement loan can qualify investor income and self-employment income in different or

Super Jumbo Bank Financing to 30 Million

Jumbo Mortgage Portfolio Bank Loan – Highlights * Alternative Lite Doc income documentation: 1099 Only to $3,000,000 * This Bank Loan Super Jumbo is a

California Hard Money 30-Million

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Stand-Alone Mortgage | Forms 4506-T and 4506-C Not Required LTV – 70% to 75% depending on property location and property condition

Jumbo Private Hard Money Program

Hard Money Loan Program All Property Types (Except Land & Manufactured Homes) 1st Trust Deeds Available and 2nd Trust Deed HELOC’s from $250,000 – $10,000,000

Bridge and Hard Money Loans

A lender committed to providing gap financing solutions 1st and 2nd Loan Packages Cross collateralization for larger loan sizes Fast underwriting decisions and funding Additional

Interest Only Loans

Interest Only Loans provide borrowers with initial payment flexibility by allowing them to pay only the interest for a set period, typically the first ten years of the loan term. These loans can be advantageous for borrowers who seek lower initial monthly payments or who anticipate increased cash flow in the future.

Inherited Property Loans​

The following Inherited Property Loans do not require the standard 12 months title seasoning. Talk to a Loan Officer: 800-718-8906.

Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans offer real estate investors valuable financing options with quick approval process and flexible terms. These loans are especially beneficial for investors seeking timely access to capital without the stringent requirements of traditional lenders. With hard money loans, investors can seize lucrative investment opportunities and enhance their real estate portfolios efficiently.Hard money loans offer real estate investors valuable financing options with quick approval process and flexible terms. These loans are especially beneficial for investors seeking timely access to capital without the stringent requirements of traditional lenders. With hard money loans, investors can seize lucrative investment opportunities and enhance their real estate portfolios efficiently.

Bank Statement Mortgages

Bank statement loans present an advantageous financing avenue tailored for self-employed individuals seeking mortgage options. These loans allow applicants to leverage their bank statements as proof of income, circumventing the need for traditional income verification methods such as tax returns or pay stubs. Ideal for entrepreneurs and freelancers whose income fluctuates or may not be accurately represented by tax documents, bank statement loans provide a flexible and accessible solution for securing mortgage financing.

Alt Doc Loans

Explore our diverse range of Alt Doc (alternative income documentation) loan programs tailored to meet various borrower needs. Below, we present a selection of these programs, each designed to provide flexible financing solutions suited to individual circumstances.