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Would you like to have more leading-edge loan programs to offer your borrowers? Are you losing referral business from your borrowers and Real Estate Agents because your “difficult” loans are not closing in time or not closing at all?

Real Estate Professionals

Would you be able to create and maintain a healthier pipeline if you had more loan product to offer? If you’re a Mortgage Broker, you’re as good as the resources you have to offer to the people that you serve; pricing and customary service come standard. Pricing and “service” can make a professional Loan Officer a good living. What will set you apart and simply make you a better Loan Officer is the variety of loan programs you can offer. Loan programs that go above and beyond what Government and Agency programs can offer. If these loan programs are all you have to offer, that means you offer a limited service.

Do you have a file that has recently fallen out of escrow? Are you searching for a lender that will close your borrower’s loan because it just recently fell out of your pipeline? Do you have a full file that you’re ready to pass on to a Loan Officer you feel will close your loan scenario in a timely fashion? We work with other Loan Officers’ escrow fall out every day. The fact that you’re looking outside of your existing “network” means you’re going above and beyond the normal level of service that most Loan Officers provide. Contact us to discuss the benefits of working with us. If you’re going to go above and beyond the call of duty with your turndowns, let us work with you to make it happen well before the eleventh hour. We have in-house underwriters that manually underwrite a variety of loan programs.

We have been servicing clients and structuring hard to place loans since 1999 and have hundreds of years of collective experience. We have investor pools of money to lend. We have programs that can help your borrowers, where most lenders/banks will tell you no or just not pull through for you. We can structure your loan file the way the lender likes to see it for optimum pricing and minimal conditions. Let us help you fund your harder and more challenging scenarios. We look forward to developing a relationship that will grow with every closed loan. We are into building a business relationship that is honest, reliable, profitable, and responsible. We are looking to build a long-standing relationship where trust and loyalty are hand in hand. We have the technology to make sure all your deals make it through our system quickly and timely.

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Contact our Underwriters Directly by Phone During Business Hours
Well Over 100 Loan Programs Including All Agency Guidelines Over-lays
Questions Directly Answered by Underwriters via E-mail
Help Desk Available
Online Tracking Access to All Your Loans
HUD Approved Lender with Our Own Warehouse Lines
2-Week Funding on a Complete Package
Direct Lender with In-House Processing
Underwriting & Funding
Hands-On Account Executives & Account Managers
Direct Lender, Correspondent Lender, Delegate Correspondent and Broker
Processors that Have Personal Relationships with Underwriters Pre-underwrite File Prior to Lender Submission


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