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Foreign National Mortgage Lenders

Lenders specializing in mortgages for foreign nationals offer tailored financing solutions for non-resident borrowers seeking to invest in real estate within the United States. These lenders understand the unique financial circumstances and documentation challenges faced by international buyers, providing options that accommodate their specific needs and eligibility criteria.

ITIN Full Documentation: Up to 90% LTV

Second Mortgages (stand-alone): Up to 85% LTV

Debt-Service-Coverage-Ratio (DSCR) 5-10 unit OK DSCR: Up to 75% LTV, Mixed Use Properties OK

Foreign National with F1 Visa

ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) 24-month Bank Statement DSCR: Up to 85% LTV Credit Score 640

ITIN DSCR Available!!

DSCR: Up to 85% LTV, Credit Score 640

Foreign National No Doc Super Jumbo to $5,000,000 for Owner-Occupied (primary residence) and Non-Owner-Occup ied (investment property

P&L Only with 24 Months Bank Statements –  100% Deposits

P&L Only without Bank Statements –  100% Deposits

12 months out of Foreclosure/Bankruptcy/90+ Day Late

Foreign National 1099 Only Loans

F1 Visa on Foreign National Loans

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