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How to get a Self-Employed Home Loan

Have an understanding on how a non-qm loan comes together in terms of best positioning yourself w the informatiomn you need to ensure a

Self-Employed Questionnaire

Business Information Required (broker lender submission) to Properly Analyze Bank Statements

Business Type: (product or service or both) If Other, please describe here:

Provide details of how income is generated:

Where do you conduct business: Office, Plant, Residence?

More than one physical site? If Yes, how many?

What percentage of your business do you own?

If less than 100%, who owns the remaining portion and what percentage?

How many people do you have employed

** Full Time:

** Part Time:

** Contractors:

** Full Time Payroll:

** Part Time Payroll:

** Contractor Payroll:

** Total Monthly Payroll Expense:

Do you manufacture a product, such that you have a cost of goods sold for the product you ultimately

sell? If yes, describe:

Estimate for monthly Cost of goods sold: Do you buy and then resell a product? If yes, describe in detail:

Provide any additional business expenses not listed above: (Excluding Rent / Payroll / COG Sold)

How has Covid-19 affected your business?

Is there anything else you can tell us about your business that is important for us to know as we review

your bank statements, including sources of deposits and withdrawals?