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Fast Mortgage Close

If you need a quick close, start with Pre-Qualification FormThis will give us the ability to properly serve you going forward. Leverage our staff and network to obtain a quick yes or no on whether a full application would be prudent and such as that time we can opt to complete a full application, Official 1003 Residential Application.

Pre-qualified - Conditional Loan Approval (CLA) - Close

Do you have excellent credit, money in the bank, a good down payment and you’re being told no by your current Loan Officer? Not all lenders are created equal. Whether you were recently declined or just looking for the best interest rate, fees, terms, and conditions, we are a smart alternative to the vanilla lender or broker. Just because you’re working with a broker doesn’t mean you are getting all the service that is available to you.

There are a lot of very average Loan Officers in this industry; quite frankly, this is often how we are found and where we come in. At the most basic level, we offer multiple manual underwriting programs to where we refer the judgment of an (AUS) Automated Underwriting System to an actual person; an intelligent underwriter. Quite often, a weak Loan Officer will give up (drop the ball) after he is declined an automated underwriting approval.

Exceptional Service Loan Officers

Different A-paper lenders have different underwriting guideline overlays and some have none at all. Some have overlays in areas where other lenders do not and so forth; all of which are A-paper; agency lenders/products. You might not need an unconventional mortgage loan you may just need a smart Loan Officer.

Depending on what the issue is we know how to get an approval, approval with conditions, a (CLA) Conditional Loan Approval. After we generate your approval, you can then send us your documents/approval conditions in order to satisfy each condition one by one so upon underwriter review and satisfaction, the underwriter will produce “prior to doc” (closing documents) conditions. Once these are met and done, we order final or closing documents. This process can be done within 10 business days.

More times than not, within a 10-minute conversation with one of our Mortgage Specialist, we’ll know if we can help you. More than likely, you know what you want, why you want it and what it is going to take to get a mortgage loan. Our borrowers are educated and that’s why they seek and find us. This isn’t your first rodeo. Call us and tell us your situation and have an intelligent conversation with a seasoned Loan Officer. We have literally hundreds of different loan programs. Not everybody in this business was created equal. Service goes a long way.

A good mortgage broker can be the greatest source of help available to you. They will walk you through the process and give you a variety of advice. You can speak with a mortgage expert now, by calling 800-718-8906.

Unique Service Options

Seeking a lender that will approve your mortgage with reasonable pricing, terms, and conditions? Not all Loan Officers are created equally. Good service is a good rate, quick turn-times, and a loan. Great service is all that plus the right mortgage that fits you. Consult a Loan Officer that possesses the knowledge, experience, and resource to get work done.

Loan program knowledge is important because a loan officer(s) that has the knowledge of a full spectrum of available lender (including guideline changes) programs can make the difference between the wrong loan and the right one.