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Non-Qualified Mortgage Lenders

Top level Non-QM lender for Prime, Non-Prime Portfolio Product

“Non-QM Tips & Tricks” on Bank statements, 1099 Only and K-1 Only. Tax Returns, Transcripts – Not Required

Top 5 Rated Non-QM lender in the United States

Income Doc Types Available

Bank Statement Programs: 1- Month, 2- Months, 3- Months, 6- Months, 12- Months, and 24- Months

12 Months Personal Bank Statement Program – 100% deposit utilization. Multiple bank accounts from both personal and business accounts with credit scores down to 620 to 80% LTV and 660 to 90% LTV. Interest-Only with a 30-year and 40-year terms available.

Qualifying Income is the Lower of the Following Two Options

Borrower Prepared P&L Statement should be supported with business bank statements. Can “gross up” P&L 115%.

Expense Factor 15% to 85% depending realistic numbers based on business scope including industry, service/product/manufacturing, B2B, B2C, etc. CPA, Tax Professional or Business Associate Prepared P&L

Additional Income Deposited

W2’s wage earner full doc income, 1099 sole proprietor business, rental income, distribution payment (unseasoned OK), asset utilization, social security, child support, alimony, Airbnb, side business. Transfers from other accounts must be sourced and not seasoned.

True Debt-Service-Coverage-Ratio | DSCR

No Ratio – 80% LTV. ADU Income OK. 620 Credit Score. Gift Funds

No employment or REO conditions, 75% LTV to $$4,000,000, 70% to $4,500,000 and /65% LTV to $5,000,000 Maximum loan Amount

Asset Depletion Options Also Available

Eligible Reserves:

Cash Out can be used for reserve requirement.

Bitcoin is now accepted as liquid assets for qualifying purposes, down payment, closing costs – OK.

First Time Homebuyers (FTHB) – OK

First Time investors Available – Jumbo Loans to 90% LTV

Available Terms:

30 and 40-Year Fixed and Interest Only Options on Fixed Rate

We Serve All 50 States

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