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Loan Scenario Form - No Credit Check

Loan Scenario Short Application: Take advantage of this service before you submit a full application and before you incur a hard inquiry on your credit report!

In lieu of a traditional application and credit check, please complete this comprehensive short form to the best of your knowledge. If you are unsure of an answer, simply skip it. There is a Message field below for any additional information you feel is relevant or important to you. This information will be utilized for loan program guideline reference and prequalification purposes.

The criteria covered here is essentially the same information a loan officer would discuss with his/her wholesale lender representative on your behalf either for the purpose of pre-qualification/loan structuring solutions, pricing, or all of the above. 

Your Loan Officer will contact you to discuss potential options as well as to set proper expectations; all before submitting a full application, checking your credit and incurring an inquiry on your credit report. Exceptional service for you and time-efficiency for everyone involved.

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