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Bank Statement Niche Loans

Bank statement loans present an advantageous financing avenue tailored for self-employed individuals seeking mortgage options. These loans allow applicants to leverage their bank statements as proof of income, circumventing the need for traditional income verification methods such as tax returns or pay stubs. Ideal for entrepreneurs and freelancers whose income fluctuates or may not be accurately represented by tax documents, bank statement loans provide a flexible and accessible solution for securing mortgage financing.

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Non-QM – Stated Expense Ratio

Alternative Bank Statement Income | Non-QM Mortgage Broker * Other Alt Doc, Reduced Doc, and Lite Doc Options Available -1099

Super Jumbo Bank Statement Program

Income Documentation Alternative 24 Months Business or Personal Bank Statement Program to $2,000,000 Eligible Employment Types Self Employed with W-2

Bank Statement Mortgage to $10,000,000

Jumbo and Super Jumbo Bank Statement Mortgage $10,000,000 10-year Interest-Only Period available on fixed rates (30-year & 40-year). Self-Employed Home

Non-Prime Mortgages

Niche Loan Non-Prime Mortgage Bank Statement Loan – Purchase or Refinance Loan | Super Jumbo Bank Statements (12 or 24

3 Month Bank Statement Loan

3 Months Business Bank Statements or 3 Months Personal Bank Statements Our 3 Month Program is the alternative to 6-month,

Investor Purchase Loan Program

Real Estate Investor Loan: Up to 12 Financed Properties OK Borrower can own unlimited properties, but only 10 can have

6 Month Bank Statement Mortgage Loan

Alternative Income Documentation * Self-Employed * Commission Business Professionals This 6 Month Super Jumbo Bank Statement Non-Qualified Mortgage (non-qualified-mortgages) (Non-QM)

Second Mortgage Bank Statement Loan

Second Mortgage Bank Statement Mortgage Program This program is ideal for the borrower that wants to protect their low-interest rate

Asset Depletion Program to 5 Million

Asset Depletion Jumbo Loan | Forms 4506-T and 4506-C Not Required Income Documentation Alternative: Asset Depletion Self Employed and W-2

Hard Money 5-Million Owner Occupied

This hard money lender will do primary residential loans which are somewhat rare. Similar to a Business Purpose Mortgage Loan

Non-Prime Bank Statement Loan

Unconventional Mortgages- Alt Doc – Bank Statement Programs Bank statement revenue, cash-flow centric 600 Credit Score to 80% LTV DTI

Non-QM Low Doc Jumbo

Non-Qualified Mortgage Jumbo Programs This Non-QM mortgage product is from a Portfolio lender and is unique unseasoned employment and super

Non-QM Lenders and Loans

Bank Statement Program – 2024 This Bank Statement mortgage is designed for self-employed borrowers. You benefit from a simplified qualifying

Alternative Income Documentation

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