• Business Purpose Mortgage Loan Program

    "Business Purpose" Mortgage

    A business purpose loan is a primary residence stated income mortgage program. In all actuality, it's a stated income program disguised as a "business purpose" loan, as opposed to a "consumer mortgage" (a regular mortgage loan). It's done this way so lenders can offer and provide cash-out refinance loans (owner-occupied) to self-employed borrowers.

    What is a Business Purpose Mortgage

    There are specific documentation guidelines for this type of program and must be followed accordingly. One of which is we require a statement from the borrower/applicant describing the intended use of funds (hand-written is best) in great detail. Funds are supposed to be used to improve, start or expand a business.

    A minimum of 51% of cash-out must be used to improve or expand the business and  Borrower must submit a cash-out letter of explanation detailing the use of funds including remodel construction bid contracts, etc. Inventory purchase, The letter of explanation must also include an explanation regarding the anticipated economic gain that will result from loan proceeds.

    Business Mortgage Guidelines

    Cash-Out Refinance. Cash-out must be wired into the borrower's business bank account.

    Loan Amount $6,000,000 Maximum

    LTV: 80% maximum

    Employment Type: Self-Employed

    • C Corporation
    • S Corporation
    • LLC
    • 1099

    Some of our lenders will allow for a business entity change (2 years of employment verification). For example, if a borrower changes their company from a corporation to an LLC, they'll allow that. Even from a 1099/independant contractor business to a corporation. We know this from experience.

    Income Documentation: No income documentation (No Doc). Stated Income. No income verification. No asset verification.

    Reserves: Liquid assets not required

    Property Types
    • Single Family Residence
    • 2 Units
    • 2-4 Units

    Middle Credit Score: 660

    Occupancy Types
    • Owner-Occupied / Primary Residence
    • Non-Owner Occupied. A rental survey usually is required for investment properties

    All owners/people on the title of the property must apply (be on the application). If this is conducive to the borrowers' preference, the property owner can "quitclaim" themselves off title for the time of application and escrow, then just go back on the title after the loan closes. 

    Business Purpose

    Cash-out can be used for any "business purpose"; improving the economic disposition of the company.

    One common use is to improve the physical location of the business.

    So, this would include stuff like architectural drawings: Architectural, Mechanical/Plumbing/Structural & Electrical design. Mechanical - HVAC plan, Equipment schedule, details, and specifications.

    Construction: Electrical - Lighting plan, power plan, panel schedules, and single line diagram, details and specifications, Title-24 compliance documents.

    Plumbing - Sanitary waste and vent piping plan, domestic water, and piping plan, details and specifications.

    Architectural - Cover sheet, general information sheet, code analysis sheet/exiting diagram site plan, ADA compliance sheet, floor plans, roof plan, storefront elevation, building sections.


    Appraisal: Complete original appraisal with interior/exterior photos of the subject property and sales comparables.

    Hazard insurance coverage equal to the replacement or guaranteed replacement cost. Max deductible 1% of the face value of the dwelling coverage amount, but no more than $3000. 12 months of paid coverage required on purchase loans and 6 months for refinance loans.

    Sitework: Building demolition, Concrete, etc.


    Alabama | Arkansas | Arizona | California | Colorado | Connecticut | District of Columbia | Deleware | Florida | Georgia | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisana | Maryland | Maine | Michigan | Minnesota | Montana | North Carolina | Nebraska  | New Hampshire | New Jersey | Nevada | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | South Carolina | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Virginia | Vermont | Washington | Wisconson | Wyoming


    R #: 5453-9-20-1-4-5-12

  • Hard Money Super Jumbo

    Residential Hard Money


    Purchase, Rate&Term Refinance

    Cash Out Refinance

    Bridge loans

    Blanket loans


    Foreclosure Avoidance OK

    Eligible Occupancies:

    Non-Owner only

    Super Jumbo Loan Amount:


    Eligible Property Types:


    High Rise Condos

    Non-warrantable Condos

    1-4 Units

    Eligible borrowers:

    Foreign Nationals

    Foreign corporations

    Non-resident alien

    Legal Entities:





    Florida only

    Underwriting notes:

    Purchase seasoning not required for cash out refinance


    Ref #155524012115

  • Inherited Property Financing 80% Loan-to-Value

    This loan program is for people that have lost a family member and would like to keep the home.

    This is a manual underwrite program

    Same day approval

    Fund within 2 weeks


    • Purchase
    • Refinance Rate & Term  R&T
    • Refinance - Cash Out

     80% LTV

    Future value can be used for LTV qualifying purposes

    Underwriting Notes:


    This is not a credit or credit score driven loan

    No minimum credit score required

    Major credit events:

    • Bankruptcy - OK
    • Foreclosure - OK
    • Short Sale - OK

    Deferred maintenance - OK

    Debt consolidation - OK

    Debt-to-Income (DTI)

    50% maximum

    Future rental income considered on a case-by-case basis, underwriter's discretion

    Home improvement cost can be included in the loan and paid out at the close of escrow

    Reference # 457060515

  • No Income No Asset Verification

    Foreign Nationals - OK

    Unique mortgage loan program designed for the Residential Real Estate Investor.

    Income Documentation: None

    Employment Status: N/A

    Employment Type: None

    Employment Documentation: None

    Nationwide Private Mortgage Lender

    This is a Private Money lender that has funded thousands of loans nationwide.

    Private direct lender specializing in Single Family Residences up to 1-4 units. Multiple loans for investors in all 50 states, One of the good things about this lender is they have over 25 years of real estate investing experience; they know how to underwrite a loan because they understand the residential real estate investment market because they themselves have bought and resold nearly 15,000 homes and have originated more than 4200 loans since they were founded in 2002; loans for investors, by investors.

    This is a true No Doc hard/soft money lender with national reach. No Income. No-Assets. No Employment. And now we dance. Closings average 10 to 15 business days from application. Loan amounts down to $125,000 and up to $300,000, all No Doc and greater than $300,000 on a case by case basis.

    Credit Scores and Hard Money

    Credit scores down to 580 or no score ok. Foreign Nationals also qualify. An investor can utilize this loan program for either a purchase or refinance. 30-day seasoning for cash out using new appraised value. This is a direct lender and they make all decisions in-house with over $200,000,000 to lend. They also offer 3-year terms for borrowers with longer-term projects as well as traditional bridge funding. An investor can close in a natural person name or business entity.

    This loan program only requires an application, payment for the appraisal, 2 forms of ID and or corporate documents if applicable, title commitment and homeowners insurance.

    Loan Program Guideline Overview and Highlights:

    No prepayment penalties 

    Information on "C" property rating:


    Loan Purpose


    Cash out refinance - 30 days seasoning required

    Credit Scores

    580 or no score OK

    Pricing is Credit Score driven

    Credit Criteria:

    • Bankruptcy OK
    • Foreclosure OK
    • Short Sale OK
    • Loan Modification OK

    Loan Amounts: $5,000,000

    • Minimum Loan Amount: $125,000
    • Maximum Loan Amount: 

    Greater than $300,000 on a case-by-case basis 

    Maximum LTV

    • 70%

    LTV guidelines are based on the After-Repair-Value (ARV) 

    Property Types:

    • SFR
    • 1-2 Units
    • 1-4 Units 

    Reference # 540 061715 21-9-19

  • Soft Money Mortgage Program

    Exceptions made to 80% LTV for the state of California.

    This means that the pricing is less than the traditional Hard Money type loan program. Discounted pricing with qualifying Credit Score / FICO.

    No Doc on Investment / Non-owner occupied

    Residential or Commercial


    • 70% - maximum

    Loan Purpose:

    • Purchase or Cash-out refinance

    Loan Amounts:

    • Minimum - $100,000
    • Maximum - $10,000,000

    Property Types:

    • Single Family Residence SFR - Attached
    • Single Family Residence SFR - Detached
    • 1-2 Units
    • 1-4 Units
    • 5+ Units


    • Owner-Occupied/Primary
    • Non-Owner Occupied

    Credit Scores:

    Owner-Occupied - case-by-case

    Terms available:

    • 1 year ARM
    • 3 Year ARM
    • 5 year ARM
    • Interest Only payment terms available

    Income Documentation:

    • No Doc

    Underwriting notes:

    Must have a valid social security number

    Foreign Nationals allowed:


    Appraisal paid for up front by borrower upon loan approval

    Appraisal ordered by the lender

    States - nationwide