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We are a network of mortgage brokers, direct lenders, and vetted loan officers. We work directly with borrowers to originate, process and close mortgage loans. Our job is to properly qualify your needs so we can approve and close your loan in a timely fashion. We offer real financial solutions to borrowers of all kinds. We are a resource for you, the borrower, to connect with a qualified Loan Officer that specializes in loan programs in all areas of mortgage lending, Qualified Mortgages (QM), Non-Qualified Mortgages (Non-QM), Conventional and Unconventional and everything in between.

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BrokerMortgages, Inc.

Our business model is Business (Broker/us) to Consumer (borrower/you). As your Loan Officer i.e., Mortgage Loan Originator, Mortgage Broker our goal is very simple, to help responsible borrowers obtain the appropriate mortgage credit they deserve. The right approval should properly accommodate your individual needs and preferences. is a little different, in that we provide a direct access view into the broker world of loan programs, underwriter guidelines, and qualifications that go into the different kinds of broker mortgages.

Mortgage Loan Program Resource

Not all loan products are for everybody, regardless of credit or credit score. A broad spectrum of lenders can be a significant resource and opportunity.

We have access to hundreds of different banks. We have a broad spectrum of home loan programs. We meet the needs of perfect credit and credit-challenged applicants. There are so much more than credit/credit scores (mortgage credit scores) that goes into qualifying a borrower for their right mortgage loan.

We understand that residential lending is an ever-evolving industry. It is an area of finance that requires consistent research. The right program can mean the best possible terms and pricing for you. We excel with every credit grade, A+ conventional to foreclosure recovery – we have a loan professional for every credit situation and loan scenario.

Uniquely Qualified

We have many unique loan programs Our availability of unique loan programs is directly related to how much business we provide to the lenders/investors. When you provide a lot of opportunity and business to the lenders, they become more lenient and aggressive in terms of pricing, products, and service. The bigger and better we are, the bigger and better we become.

Programs Designed to Accommodate

We specialize in multiple areas of residential lending. A lot of lenders offer different kinds of “niche” products that are not available to the consumer direct. Often lenders will have their own secondary investor resources available (above and beyond their own full line of products). People are like diamonds, and so can be the complexity of their financial situations. That is why there are so many programs available, to cater to the actual consumer. You obtain the best possible mortgage you and your needs. It gives you the ability to choose a loan program and lender that has already competed for your business.

Compensating Factors and Favorable Approvals Conditions, Terms, Pricing

* Credit History – depth, seasoning, credit utilization, re-established credit

* Income – Consistent and increasing cash-flow, increased disposable income

* Employment History – Seasoned professional

* Education and Certification – Advanced degree, business certifications

* Liquid Assets – Seasoned reserves (PITIA) Reserves > 12, 24 or 36 months

* Residual Income – pension, dividends, trust fund, debt-to-income ratio (DTI)

* Over-all Credit Profile – Over-all seasoning: Credit, employment, retirement account(s) Assets Accounts; liquid and real estate equity positions (portfolio), homeownership, business ownership/industry experience.

* Credit Score – > 20 points above required minimum credit score

* DTI – reduced > 10% (rate-term refinance and or cash out debt consolidation)

* Real Estate Owned (REO) – Real Estate Equity Portfolio

Feel free to look around, contact a qualified loan officer, or submit a Pre Qualification Form (no credit check).

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