There are a lot of worthy borrowers in this country that aren't getting the mortgage service they deserve. We should have lenders that can provide loan programs that can accommodate make-sense loans. For example, if we can qualify a renter for a mortgage that would reduce their housing expense, that's a make sense loan.


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Self-Employed Borrowers

If you're a self-employed borrower with good credit and plenty of liquid reserves and down payment, you should get a good loan with a low-interest rate. Why should your employees qualify for a mortgage and you don't? That's silly. Why has it become difficult for the self-employed person to take part in the American dream? This is why we have Bank Statement Loans, Stated Income, No Doc, Asset Depletion and other income documentation loan options.

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Seeking a lender that will approve your mortgage with reasonable pricing, terms, and conditions? Not all Loan Officers are created equally. Good service is a good rate, quick turn-times, and a loan. Great service is all that plus the right mortgage that fits you. A Loan Officer that possess the knowledge, experience, and resource to get work done.

Knowledgeable: Loan program knowledge is important because a loan officer(s) that has the knowledge of a full spectrum of available lender (including guideline changes) programs can make the difference between the wrong loan and the right one. 

Non-Qualified Mortgage Lending

The "Non-Qualified" mortgage industry is ever-evolving and that's a good thing. More and more private sector hedge fund investment companies invest in the Non-QM mortgage market because they're good loans that make sense for people.

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Home Finance Options:

People with excellent credit can often find better pricing from a mortgage broker. Many banks require that the borrower have excellent credit, 6-12 month seasoned reserves, 20% and greater down payment, 2-5 years same job employment, so forth. However, there are lenders out there that will approve a unique credit profile or a bad or not-so-good credit loan. And of course, we also have programs like the FHA loan and VA loans that will help you get approved. Just because one lender offers an FHA or VA loan denies you that you can't get approved under the same loan under a different broker; different brokers have different lenders that do the same kind of loan.

When getting pre-qualified and approved for a home loan, you may want to speak with a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers have access to hundreds of lenders as well as information about various types of programs that may be helpful to you.