Designed for real estate investors, this Bank Statement loan can qualify investor income and self-employment income in different or multiple accounts. Rental income instead of tax returns, leases can be utilized to document income. In conjunction with bank statements from the bank account showing rent deposits

Rental income may be included in conjunction with Borrowers' Bank Statement income

Leases and Bank Statements

  • Real estate Investor Leases and corresponding bank accounts showing at least 4 consecutive months of rent receipt from all qualifying rental property leases. New lease and receipt of security deposit = to one month of rent, rent seasoning not required
  • Real Estate Investor borrower bank statements, business, personal or dba. Multiple comingle accounts OK if bank transfers can be identified as income revenue from an income source. Large deposits will be sourced

Airbnb and Short-Term Rentals

Short-term Rental Income may be properly documented with the short-term rental facilitator statements, Short-term rental income dollar amount is derived from a 12 month rent deposit average. Lenders can document rental income with most previous 10 months rental facilitator statements