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Bank Statement Loan Calculator

Below is an actual Bank Statement Calculator from one of our Non-QM lenders. In addition, please see “Bank Statement Loan Scenario Form – No Credit Check” below for additional service.

Mortgages that Do Not Require Form 4506-C

No Tax Return Transcripts / 4506-C

“4506” refers to IRS Form 4506, which allows lenders to request a transcript of a borrower’s tax return directly from the IRS. Here’s a summary tailored for a mortgage loan program:

In our mortgage loan programs, we differentiate ourselves by not requiring IRS Form 4506-C. This means that borrowers do not need to provide the IRS transcript of their tax returns as part of the application process. By eliminating this requirement, we streamline the application process and offer borrowers a simpler, more efficient experience. This feature distinguishes our mortgage programs and provides borrowers with greater flexibility and convenience when applying for loans.

Quick Close

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Mortgage Solutions

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