Speed Up Application Process

Did you recently fall out of escrow and you need a fast close? >80% of our pipeline is some other Loan Officers escrow fall out.

Keep in mind, there are many, many different loan programs that do not require a lot of the below documentation.

Depending on which loan program we utilize, be prepared to provide the following typical items:

1) The final purchase contract for the house (not applicable if refinance).

2) Pay stubs for each applicant showing earnings for the last 30 days and year-to-date earnings. (These must be computer-generated or typed originals that identify the employer and the employee's name).

3) Last year's W2 (employee) and 1099 (self-employed) for each applicant. If you're self-employed, your current Loan Officer might be telling you that you have to provide your tax returns for the previous two years and your company's year-to-date Profit and Loss statement.

4) If Self-employed, either a business license or a CPA letter stating that you have been self-employed for at least the last 2 years.

5) Account numbers for all bank accounts, along with account statements for the past two months.

6) Evidence of your mortgage or rental payments, such as canceled checks.

7) Proof of insurance (declaration page/coverage page only).

8) An irrevocable gift letter if you are receiving a monetary gift from a relative.

9) An e-mail address to receive your loan documents by e-mail.

10) An appraisal on the subject property.