As long as credit scores are important to the lenders, they are important to us. We have taken a proactive approach to becoming informed and our results have never been better. In today's lending environment, what separates the good Mortgage Brokers from the great Mortgage Brokers are the ones that have access to and properly utilize the best Credit Analyzer and Credit Rescore tools and other resources that are available. In many cases, the credit score model isn't exactly fair. Our Credit Specialists often play a critical role in helping good borrowers get the loan program they deserve. Our goal is to help good, responsible borrowers get the mortgage loan that fits their unique situation, not to decline a worthy borrower that would otherwise fall through the cracks.

Our team will continue to work to refine our qualifying process and develop new innovative ways to provide value to our clients.

We are here to help you qualify for the home loan you are seeking. We are your advocate. Whether you have a credit question for a Credit Score Specialist, need additional options, or just want us to review a credit report in order to create a solution, our Credit Specialists are here to help you achieve your desired end result. We know mortgage credit scores, credit report criteria, and various creditors extremely well. In fact, in many cases, we were able to provide suggestions over the phone that made the difference in the qualification of a borrower. In other cases, some borrowers need a more hands-on approach by utilizing one of our credit resolution programs to better their credit profile.

Planning ahead is paramount in today's mortgage market, just because a borrower doesn't immediately qualify for the right loan, doesn't mean that with a little help, and coaching they can't qualify within a few business days with a Credit Rescore.

Let us help you get approved for a conventional or unconventional mortgage loan program. We have unique and creative ways of increasing your credit scores.

If you have credit obstacles that are preventing you from qualifying for a purchase or refinance loan, our Credit Specialists would be glad to review with you the best way forward and to help set realistic goals.

How to Improve Your "Mortgage Credit Score"

Our credit department is a licensed, bonded and registered Credit Service Organization, specializing in credit repair. We have over 16 years of experience in the credit repair industry and are experts with extensive knowledge of the methods used by credit bureaus and creditors allowing us to maximize the results our clients receive. Credit repair is much more than simply disputing a negative item on your credit report and then hoping that the creditor doesn't turn the response to the credit bureaus within 30 days. When this happens, it is simply a band-aid that more than likely will not last. If this was all there was to credit repair, anyone could do it. To do it properly with permanent results, it must be done properly.

What is Credit Repair

It is estimated that 90% of Americans have negative items and/or mistakes on their credit reports such as collections, judgments, late payments, liens, inquiries, and even duplicate items. All these negative items lower a person's credit score. It is legal and it is every person's legal right to seek mistaken and or unverifiable items, inaccurate items, and incomplete items removed and deleted from their credit reports.

How Credit Repair Works

We dispute specific key details of our client's negative items with the creditors and all the credit bureaus as well as all of the public records as it pertains to the nature and origin of the tradeline. The credit bureaus have tight federal guidelines that require strict compliance. Credit scores come from three different bureaus, which lenders use to view your credit history: Each credit bureau utilizes their own credit software. Furthermore, your score may vary depending on the reason you are checking your credit at that time. If you are buying a car, your credit score may be different than when you are seeking a mortgage, applying for a credit card, or getting your "free credit report", and so on. When it comes to credit, your history is vital to your future. Each and every finacial decision you have made and will make will have a noticeable and definite effect on your ability to acquire financing and borrow money in the future. Since credit plays such a critical part in your life, it would behoove you to spend some time learning how to maintain and/or improve your score.