We Serve Borrowers who are in the Market for a Mortgage

We work with lenders. We work for borrowers. Purchase loans for the primary home, investment property, second home or just a refinance, rate/term, or cash out; conventional to unconventional and pretty much everything in between. We receive incentives - special low rates and pricing for the volume of business we provide our lenders. This savings is passed to you, the consumer.

Mortgage Service for Self-Employed Borrowers

Being self-employed can make getting a mortgage can be difficult. Self-Employed borrowers sometimes have a multitude of income sources or companies making for a complicated tax return including tax write-offs. And different kinds of write-offs.

We can pre-qualify your loan scenario you jump through the hoops of filling out a full application and credit check. It's yes of our years of experience pre-qualifying borrowers for portfolio lender programs and various Non-QM lender investor banks. We know what qualifying questions to ask per the criteria we discuss.

We are an up-to-date information resource and a service provider of a network of dynamic lending professionals developing the ability to "streamline every kind of AUS system. What this means to you is a pre-qualified loan officer, at your service. From application to close, there is a lot of moving parts to a mortgage process. Regardless of your personal needs, it is best to start with an exceptional loan officer.

Developing the ability to "streamline" every kind of mortgage AUS system.

All mortgage websites provide general mortgage and real estate market information. Their focus is on selling you an interest rate. We are a different kind of web-based mortgage company. We are about mortgage loan programs, a unique information resource for unconventional mortgages and loans. An unorthodox information and mortgage service, an advanced mortgage resource as it pertains to the residential and commercial alternative real estate finance market.

We are an online mortgage website that offers real financial solutions. Not all loan products are for everybody, regardless of credit or credit score. There is so much more than a credit report that goes into qualifying a borrower for their right mortgage loan. We have a variety of loan options for your reference and utilization.

We connect Homeowners, Homebuyers, Lenders, Loan Officers, Brokers, lender representatives. If you are a consumer and you are in the market for a mortgage or you are an industry professional looking to close a file, we can provide superior service by connecting you with the right professional/professional organization. Options are good and that is what we are.

If there is a niche loan program out there, we have or will get it. We understand that there are people with excellent credit as well as those with less than perfect credit ("BCD credit"). So, we provide a variety of unconventional mortgages and loans. We can also work with you to get you to qualify. Within our network are lenders, lender representatives, brokers, and industry professionals alike.

We also understand that residential lending is an ever-evolving industry. It is an area of finance that requires consistent research. We feel that if we stop learning, we will fall behind in terms of knowledge of the best loan program for your situation - the right program can mean the best possible terms and pricing for you! We excel with every credit grade, A+ conventional to foreclosure recovery - we have a loan professional for every credit situation and loan scenario. Whether you want a mortgage loan for home equity, refinance, purchase, investment, debt consolidation, or a mortgage for an unseasoned title, or you have a big job gap within your 2-year employment history. We have mortgage loans for you at the best rates and terms available.