We are a network of experienced Mortgage Loan Originators. We are able to research and "shop" your "loan scenario" with an extensive number of lenders (Prime, Non-Prime, Portfolio) and loan programs (qualified and non-qualified) including niche programs to meet a specific requirement(s)

Unique Mortgage Service

We feel our service is unique in that we can prequalify, pre-approve (pre-approval letter) and price loans without processing a full application and without pulling credit. It's important that you be properly pre-qualified before anything else.

Conventional Loan Programs and Unconventional Loan Programs

We also have all the conventional lenders and loan programs, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and VA, all agency programs. What makes our agency lender loan programs unconventional is the absence of individual lender guideline overlays that can potentially decline a perfectly good applicant. We also have manual underwriting available.

The Right Approval

Are you in the market for a mortgage or are you in the market for the right mortgage? We speak to individuals every day that are online researching loan programs. We offer a full spectrum of loan programs. Please let us know how we can help you. It may be the thing that separates you from the right mortgage is the wrong loan officer.

Extraordinary Service

Extraordinary service is about providing the right loan program to fit your particular needs, quick turn-times, and flexibility. Check back often as we are always updating our loan programs as this industry continues to evolve.