Manual Underwrite Super Jumbo Mortgage

This is a manually underwritten Super Jumbo Non-Conventional home loan program.

This loan program is similar to Hard Money because of the flexible guidelines but is not hard money. It's been described is an Alt-A loan program because of the pricing. It is also similar to an Asset Depletion loan.

We have funded this loan program with greater than a 60% DTI Debt-to-Income ratio borrower. Why? she had a lot of equity in her newly acquired rental properties.

We were able to utilize her rental income from properties as new income, ownership seasoning not required. Conventional lenders require 2 years ownership seasoning before they will qualify as income.

There are always compensating factors.

See Jumbo Loan guideline highlights below. Call us to get prequalified


  • No employment history OK

Maximum loan amount:

  • $2,000,000

Loan purpose:

  • Purchase

  • Refinance

  • Cash Out Refinance

Maximum LTV Loan-to-Value:

  • 75%

Credit score:

  • 620 minimum, exceptions made with compensating factors

Maximum DTI:

Debt-to-Income ratio:

60% or higher, typically derived from liquid assets


  • Owner Occupied / primary

  • Owner Occupied multi-unit

  • Non-Owner Occupied / Investment property

Property Types:

  • Single Family Residence SFR

  • Condo

  • Duplex

  • Triplex

  • 1-4 Unit

Available terms:

5 Year ARM

7 Year ARM

10 Year ARM

Interest Only payment option available on all terms

Underwriter Notes:

Can utilize rental income to strengthen file, ownership seasoning not required.

Can use real estate equity to meet liquid reserve requirements.

Liquid assets documented with just 2 months account statements and will be verified by third-party.

Foreign Nationals OK:

Foreign bank accounts for reserves- OK

Foreign credit score / Fico accepted

Business Legal Entity:

OK for purchase transactions, requires corporation ID number

No defined credit score / FICO score requirements

Credit Criteria:

No Seasoning requirements for foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy

Close in as little as 9 Days



Alabama | Arizona | California | Colorado | Delaware | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Illinois | Rhode Island | South Carolina | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | Wisconsin

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