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Super Jumbo DSCR $4,500,000

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) continues to be popular with real estate investors. Below are guidelines using Long- and Short-Term Rental Income.

We can use higher of current market rent or lease stating rental income, depending on the scenario. No limit to number of financed properties and no resverve requirement increase.

DSCR – Short-Term Rental OK

Eligible Transactions: Purchase, Refinance Rate/ Term and Cash Out Refinance

Eligible Borrowers: Natural Person, Business Entity, and Foreign National

Eligible Property Types: Single Family Residence, 2 Unit, 3 Unit, and 4 Units, warrantable Condos and Non-Warrantable condos

Eligible Occupancy: Non-Owner-Occupied Only

Jumbo Loan Amounts: $4,500,000

85% LTV to $1,500,000 – 620 Credit Score

85% LTV to $2,000,000 – 640 Credit Score

85% LTV to $2,500,000 – 660 Credit Score

85% LTV to $3,000,000 – 680 Credit Score

85% LTV to $3,500,000 – 700 Credit Score

85% LTV to $4,000,000 – 720 Credit Score

85% LTV to $4,500,000 – 740 Credit Score

Use short-term market rent – Appraisal Form 1007 or Current lease dollar amount for long-term rental

Debt-Service-Coverage Ratio: .75 – 1.5. Expense Factor 15% on rental income. 85% of short-term or Long-Term rental income. Use Interest-Only Payment to qualify

We allow Title in a Trust, Corporation, or LLC, and don’t report entity Title on the borrower’s credit report

Minimum Credit Score – 600

We use highest credit score out of three.

12-month Short-Term rental payment history and AirBnB internet listing, etc. <12-month history considered case-by-case.

Pre-payment Penalty: 1 year minimum

Term: 40-Year Fixed, 40-Year Fixed Interest-Only, 30-Year Fixed, 30-Year Fixed Interest-Only, 10, 7, and 3-Year ARMs

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