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There are roughly 17,000,000 self-employed borrowers in the united states. That is over 35% of Americans that are self-employed. We have seen an increase of 25% in small to medium sized businesses since 2020. California has the most self-employed in the nation, by far.

9,000,000 Americans are working in the Gig industry as of 2022. There were close to 26,700,000 Independent Contractors in the United States, that is an increase 13,000,000 - 1099 Only Loans.

There were close to 25,600,000 in 2016.

65% of the United States workforce will be Independent Contractors / self-employed by 2026.

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Loan programs that utilizie bank statements do not require form 4506-t to be processed at anytime throughout the escrow process or post-closing. If the loan has a W-2 Wage Earner co-borrower, signed Form 4506-t is required, and is processed for W2 transcripts only and not for the primary self-employed borrower.

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Confirmation of self-employment requires the existence of the business be verified with an active one-year history or a two-year history Different lenders have their own guidelines in terms of what constitutes a verification of employment. Third-party verification would be a CPA letter business license from regulated agency or applicable license bureau. CPA letter lender required criteria the name of the business the owners of the business including percentage of ownership and they Lang of time company has been owned.

Underwriter must document all third-party employment verification sources of the self-employed borrowers company within 45 days of the note date

Business Entity Income

Also, any qualifying income that can be sourced from an S corporation or LLC and Partnerships should include a valid Secretary of State documentation website listing. Active and in good standing. For 1099 sole Proprietors in an industry that requires a license  also be verified from a license authority confirmation must license is active directions. Examples of common business license include, but are not limited to, state or local tax licenses, City business licenses, professional license for borrower in the fields of Real Estate, construction, law, medical industry, Etc.