A reinstatement is when you pay the total amount that is past due to including late fees and attorney fees. This is the amount that will get your Mortgage caught up immediately. Because of your past financial circumstances, you may be looking at a sizable amount of past-due fees, including back payments, late fees, and legal expenses. If you are able to pay a lump-sum to bring your loan to a current status by a specific date, it is possible that you may be eligible for a Reinstatement.

Consider your current budget. Perhaps you have a retirement fund, credit cards or an insurance policy that can provide the funds you need to stay in your home. Seek private loans from friends or family or co-workers? But if this is not an option for you, consider a Loan Modification.

A Reinstatement is the quickest way to resolve your mortgage foreclosure. Reinstatement is 1 option you may have to secure your home.

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