125% Refinance

If you're interested and you qualify, BrokerMortgages.com can arrange new financing, but this will depend on your credit report, income, your homes current market value, equity and financial position. It could be difficult to secure a new mortgage with a default on your existing mortgage, but it is not impossible.

Do you think your bad credit is stopping you from refinancing?

Well, you might be onto something there. Mostly because of where the real estate market has been for the last couple years. Lenders are being very strict with their guidelines and appraisals and so on.

With hundreds of lenders and loan programs, if you would like us to research a refinance, we can do that, as well. We qualify the whole financial picture. Factors like equity, job history, title seasoning, the reason for your bad credit and so on. It is our job to sell you to the bank. These criteria could outweigh a credit - the credit score doesn't always tell the whole story We also have credit specialists if you're interested in increasing your score. If we can't get it done, it probably can't get done. Utilizing our long-time existing lender relationships, we are poised to offer Loan Modification services, too.

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