Tis alternative income documentation mortgage loan program for any self-employed borrower that cannot use their conventional income documentation such as tax reurns, profit and loss statement, etc..New Bank Statement Loan Program for Self-Employed Borrowers

Maximum Loan Amounts - $4,000,000

Maximum LTV for Purchases - 80%

Maximum LTV for Refinance - 75%

Minimum FICO - 640

Occupancy - Owner Occupied

First Time Home Buyers - OK


This alternative income documentation is a great mortgage loan program for any borrower that cannot produce conventional income documentation.

This unique loan program offers various income documentation by way of one month bank statement, three months bank statements, 12 months bank statements and 24-months bank statements.

We qualify Borrowers using unconventional techniques for both income documentation and employment documentation in order to fairly determine the borrowers actual qualifications in the way of excellent credit and significant liquid assets anywhere between 6 months of reserves up to 24 months reserves up to 80% loan to value


Mortgage Pre Qualification Form - Credit Check Not Required


More information to come.