Asset Depletion Income Program

85% LTV on Primary / Owner-Occupied

70% LTV on Investment / Non-Owner-Occupied

Restricted Stock Income - OK

Income Documentation:

  • Departing residence rental income - OK
  • Projected rental income on Investment Property loans - OK. NOO (60% max LTV on NOO).
  • Rental income - we can use your most recent year of rental income on Schedule E instead of 24-month history.
  • Rental income – properties not showing on 1040s, allowed case by case with proof of lease and canceled checks.

Less than 2 year company history self-employed allowed case by case (65% or less LTV on primary). Most prevalent loan scenario/funded example has been when the borrower goes from W2 to 1099 and does not have a full 2 year of tax returns.


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