Niche Loan Programs

Niche loan programs are special because of unique guidelines that allow for certain efficiencies and deficiencies as it pertains to a specific loan program and loan scenario. It's where the loan scenario meets the loan program. An example of a niche loan program or niche underwriting guideline is a 55% Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio to $750,000, cash out.

Title Modified Date
Non-QM Interest-Only Jumbo Program 01 November 2019
Bank Statements / Asset Depletion to 3 Million 01 November 2019
Condo Mortgage 90% LTV Jumbo 13 December 2019
Stated Income Verified Assets Owner Occupied Jumbo 01 November 2019
Jumbo Investor Loan 75% LTV 720 Credit Score 01 November 2019
Vesting Title in Legal Entities 27 August 2019
Hard Money 5 Million Owner Occupied 13 December 2019
Stated Income Jumbo Construction Loan 1 Million 28 February 2019