1099 Only Loans - Mortgages for Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors - these loan programs are for you.

For those independent contractors and freelance workers that are paid like a business owner but may not "own" a business. "1099 Only loans" are for those people. Sole Proprietor/Independent Contractors can utilize one or multiple1099's 1-year ("Reduced Doc") or 2-year ("Lite Doc") history instead of the standard tax returns, etc., etc. No Form 4506-T and No Form 4506-C.

Independent Contractors: As a consumer looking in, come see what options are ultimately available to you for your next home loan. As a network of Mortgage Brokers across the nation, we are a group of qualified & licensed Mortgage Loan Originators "mortgage loan officer" hear to serve you.

Title Modified Date
Non-Qualified Mortgage Jumbo | Non-QM 02 May 2023
One Year Tax Returns to 90% LTV 22 August 2022
Reduced Doc | Employment History - One Year 21 August 2022
1099 Only Mortgage Program - Independent Contractors 31 December 2022
Alternative Bank Statement Program for Real Estate Investors 21 March 2023
One Year Tax Return Income Program 20 July 2022
One Year "1099 Only" Income Reduced Doc Program 15 March 2023
Non-QM Super Jumbo Mortgage Loans 24 April 2023
Non-QM Bank Statement Loan 18 July 2022
Bank Statement Loan to 75% LTV 620 Credit Score 01 January 2023
Exception-Based Non-Prime Lender 11 February 2023
Jumbo Non-QM - Bank Statements or 1099 Only 18 July 2022
Super Jumbo Bank Financing to 30 Million 24 April 2023