We offer a variety of mortgage loan programs for you, the consumer. BrokerMortgages.com is about home loan options and lender resources. It's about showing people that there are loan professionals out there that care; good people deserve good mortgage loans. Worthy borrowers deserve good mortgage loan programs. We are about good service, diligence and results.

Since 1999, we have provided insight into the mortgage broker world of loan programs and service. The success we share with you comes from the creative design of loan programs that are specifically matched with your own unique set of life requirements. We understand your needs and how trying the process can sometimes be. Whether you are pulling some cash out of your existing home or grabbing your part of the American dream through the purchase of a new home, we'll be there to walk you through the loan process and handle any complications that may arise. 

We are a service provider and an information resource. We offer a wide variety of mortgage loan programs for us to utilize for you and for you to see. i.e. loan program guidelines and matrices. Specific mortgage loan information such as matrices; credit score requirements, max percentage of financing, maximum loan amounts, property types, occupancies, seasoning requirements, liquid reserve requirements and so fourth. When we have access to a new loan program, we share it to you. Where most mortgage websites feature pricing and service, we feature product and service. And the pricing, because we do have so many lenders and so much resource is the absolute lowest available.

It is our first priority to make the process of a mortgage loan as simple and quick as possible. We understand that it can sometimes be frustrating for a good borrower to find the right program to fit their needs and deserve a quick and painless transaction. We understand that each consumer can be different and more than just a credit score. It is our goal to match you, the consumer to the lender that can meet your situation at the best possible rate, term and conditions.

In an ever evolving mortgage industry, we are a network of mortgage professionals here to service your mortgage lending needs.

Creative financing available

Our job is to properly qualify your needs and requirements; to understand your concerns so we can effectively formulate proper direction to accomplishing your objective. Whether that be research current lender niches or credit repair or credit re-score service or utilizing our credit analyzer tools to resolve or maximize your buying power.

We work with well trained and very knowlegable loan professionals that we can count on to do the job right.

At BrokerMortgages.com, we have access to hundreds of different banks. We have a broad spectrum of financing programs. We do a huge cross section of loans with mortgages of little or no down payment to mortgages that meet the needs to credit challenged applicants. Government loans, portfolio loans, jumbo loans, super jumbo loans to stated income loans all fit within the scope of our services.

Shopping for a mortgage is more than an interest rate and whether you should do a fixed or adjustable rate. It is getting the absolute best program that will suit you and your families needs. At BrokerMortgages.com, we take pride in being the leaders in the financial community.

We specialize in conventional and unconventional mortgage loan programs. In the world of lending, if God created it, we either have or will find it. From 1 end of the mortgage lending spectrum to the other. BrokerMortgages.com is here to inform and help you, the consumer or investor obtain the best possible mortgage loan for your specific requirements. An online mortgage website that offers financial solutions. We offer a lot of good, often unconventional mortgage loan programs. BrokerMortgages Blog

Loan programs have the potential to change or all together be eliminated at anytime, like on some private or hedge fund money loans.

This website is a service and an information resource for a variety of mortgage loan programs i.e. mortgage program guidelines and information; credit score requirements, % of financing available, property types, occupancy, seasoning requirements, liquid asset/reserve requirements and so fourth.
Basically we do this so you can see a program that could potentially work for you.  Some or all of these variables can apply to every loan program. We look for compensating factors. We are a service organization first and educational resource second.

This mortgage website is a little different in that we provide a direct view into the broker world of mortgages. Since 1999, we have provided to you, the consumer, a birds eye view into the mortgage broker world of loan programs and service. It is our priority to make the loan process as quick and as simple as possible.
We understand how difficult the process can potentially be. We understand that every consumer can be
different and make it our goal to match you with the lender that meets your situation at the best possible
rate, terms and conditions.

Simply put, we are a network of mortgage professionals here to service your mortgage lending needs.

Bottom line, we believe in keeping life simple!

An ever evolving Industry..

Having Options can mean having the best in terms and conditions, not complications. Our objective is to serve you the way you want to be served - to custom fit as necessary.

Our job is to first understand your concerns so we can then effectively formulate a proper direction to accomplishing your objective. Whether that may be a loan modification or a cash out refinance or credit repair to resolve or maximize your buying power. A conventional, government, portfolio, hard money or private money loan, we probably have a resolution for yoU.

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Mortgage Brokers are still responsible for securing more than 75% of the home loans closed in the United States.

We are committed to having well trained and knowledgeable loan and industry associates that will make themselves available for their clients and their questions and concerns. We understand the need for service in the meeting of our customers need and expectations. The customer is and will always be our biggest asset and the reason we are all here.

In the spirit of competition, our overall objective is to inform and deliver you the best pricing, service and product to you.

BrokerMortgages.com is designed for consumers and investors. A mortgage broker, committed to providing exceptional customer service and leading edge products designed to exceed our customer’s expectations.

We receive incentives - Exceptionally low rates and pricing for the volume of business we provide our lenders. This savings is passed to you. A healthy business practice ensures longevity. When the borrower wins, naturally, we all do.

We are committed to providing our clients with a level of service that we would expect if we ourselves were the customer. We will not discriminate against any person. We are committed to making available to the borrowing public the best possible selection of mortgage products currently on the market. If the occasion requires, we will look for a product that will meet the particular needs of a customer.

We are an information resource. Check back often, we are always updating our information!