We are a service provider and an information resource.

Service: mortgage brokers and lending institutions that have more to offer than Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Government and Agency loan programs. We are a network of Mortgage Brokers, Correspondent Lenders, Lender Representatives and Loan Officer's. We have access to additional lending resources, unconventional loan programs as well as niche loan programs. We offer Real Estate loans, Private Equity loans, and Small Business Loans. We feel that our product knowledge speaks to the quality of service that we provide. We understand that every consumer can be different and make it our goal to match you with the lender that meets your requirements at the best possible rate, terms and conditions. We look for compensating factors within your credit profile to achieve favorable results.

Information: Mortgage loan program guidelines; matrices; credit score requirements, max percentage of financing, maximum loan amounts, property types, occupancies, seasoning requirements, liquid reserve requirements, underwriting notes and so forth. After we gain access to a new loan program, we post it to this website, select directories and social media websites to let the people know what is currently available in the marketplace in an ever evolving industry. We do update our information as needed.

Since 2003, we have provided insight into the mortgage broker industry. Basically, we're here for the type of consumer that tends to get things done. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult for a good borrower to find the right lending options to fit their needs. Not everyone is going to fit in the same box.

We can take pride in being an authority in this space within the financial community. In the spirit of competition, our overall objective is to inform the consumer and create transparency. Broker Mortgages Blog

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